Player Briefing

A fast rundown of how to get a Shadowrun character up and started ready for running: Player Briefing


Roleplaying or Rollplaying? How to inject a little mystery in your game. On meta-gaming, roleplaying and rules vs suspense.

This article helps to look at how to handle rules vs setting for GMs and players

Owners and Personas

Owners and Personas are a tricky topic, which is hard to get right, especially when the rules contradict themselves in this area. Most of the time, they don't come up in game play, but when they do, it can be a real headache for the GM.

This article hopes to explain this topic in simple terms which GMs and players can use and understand without breaking the rules or oversimplifying.

Decker's Demise is intended as resource for Shadowrun. Both the setting and rules system are vast. This has lead to this GM needing to have a central location where everything can be pulled into one place.

The Shadowrun Wiki

This vital resource should be the Alexandrian library of the Shadowrun world, but is unfortunately neglected. So, the next time you're looking for a snippet of information, look here first. And if you don't find it here - add it in, once you have found it

The Shadowrun Wiki