There are plenty of useful external resources for Shadowrun. Some of the most useful ones are listed here:

Shadowrun Podcasts

This is an amazing list of SR podcasts to found around the interweb. I strongly recommend the Arcology podcast, their actual play is awesome.

Seattle Map 2072

Awesome map of all the locations from the 2072 source book.

World Shadowrun Map

Great map of 6th world, but done in google maps

The Shadowrun Forums

This is your starting point for all things Shadowrun. Detailed rules questions and debates, as well as setting queries can all be answered, or at least discussed here. If there's one thing I've learnt about Shadowrun, is that there is no definite rules interpretation.

Shadowrun Wiki

An excellent, although somewhat dated collection of pages outlining the setting, in the main. This resource should be kept up to date - we should all pitch in to keep this site current, as our one version of the truth.

Chummer 5

This is an application for generating characters, and it is invaluable. Trying to create player characters (or NPCs for that matter) is gruelling hard work, without this application. It is free, and open source, and written in C# - what more do you want?


This site combines an online Shadowrun magazine (3 issues), a list of Shadowrun-esque news articles from RL, and a forum. The news articles are about a year out of date, which suggests that the site is no longer being updated, however there are some good articles in the magazines.

The Shadowrun Wiki

This vital resource should be the Alexandrian library of the Shadowrun world, but is unfortunately neglected. So, the next time you're looking for a snippet of information, look here first. And if you don't find it here - add it in, once you have found it

The Shadowrun Wiki